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Botlek Steampipe

The project

The project is about an extension of the steam system of AVR, a waste processing and energy company in Rotterdam. The steampipe is intended to supply some industrial players in the Rotterdam Botlek area with steam so that they can turn off their gas-fired boilers. The steampipe must be built as a multi-user and open-access system to secure government subsidies.

Scope and Dimensions

Project value is in the order of € 40 million and direct government support was secured for €12 million



DAREL set up a commercial dispatch model and facilitated commercial negotiations between parties and with the government


The project is still awaiting final confirmation. The intended steam production and pipeline distribution rates are in the order of 1 Mton per year and direct CO2 emissions avoided amounts to 150 Kton per year of CO2.


  • Heat

  • Industry

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