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Clean Air Task Force

The project

Clean Air Task Force (CATF – is an environmental organisation, driving change through advice on policy and innovation. Based in the US, with recent strong expansion in the EU. CATF’s mission is to push the technology and policy changes needed to achieve a zero-emissions, high-energy planet at an affordable cost, meeting the world’s rising energy demand in a financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable manner.

Scope and Dimensions

With over 100 experts globally, CATF’s work scope includes Zero Carbon Fuels (ZCF), Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), Super Pollutants, and several other Themes. CATF influences through US congressional hearings, conferences, meetings with representatives of the European Commission, European Parliament and EU Member State governments, public blogs, letters to regulators, publication of studies, responses to legislative consultations, etc. 

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DAREL supports CATF advising on industrial decarbonisation in the EU, ZCF and CCS in particular. DAREL staff delivered the following studies for CATF:

  • Blue H2 developments and policy needs in Europe

  • Cluster/Hub approach to Energy Transition in the Netherlands/EU

  • Global H2 and ammonia certification developments & needs 

  • Scope for ZCF and CCS scale-up in MENA countries  


CATF is very successful in advising on the Energy Transition policies required to achieve "net-zero", e.g., 45Q tax credit for CCS and Biden infrastructure bills in the U.S., Fit for 55 and TEN-E/TEN-T, etc. in the EU


  • Infrastructure

  • Hydrogen

  • CO2

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