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District Heating Zuid-Holland

The project

A Joint Venture of Gasunie & Port of Rotterdam is developing one of the largest district heating projects in the world in the province of South-Holland. Aim is to transport residual heat from the industrial port area to residential areas, industries and to regional greenhouse clusters. Port of Rotterdam is seeking an outlet for the low temperature excess heat of their tenants.  Gasunie has finally been appointed the independent system operator for heat transportation.


Scope and Dimensions

Development of a large district heating projects, project value €250 million

District Heating Zuid-Holland.jpg


DAREL conducted two independent VAR’s (value assurance review) and made practical recommendations to support decision-making. During 2018-2019, DAREL did the interim project management for this political and commercial complex energy transition project with many long-term dependencies and uncertainties.


The delivery of residual heat to greenhouses and built environment. The annual direct CO2 emissions avoided for the first stage is more 


  • Transport

  • Infrastructure

  • Heat

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