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EBN Project development process

The project

Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN) is involved in the transformation of a sustainable energy value chain in the Netherlands. The state-owned company is finding a new role as development partner and future operator of geothermal and CCUS assets (carbon capture utilization and storage) in the Netherlands.

EBN Project Development.jpg

Scope and Dimensions

The development of a more rigorous standardization of the EBN project maturation principles, tailored to the specifics of geothermal and CCUS type of projects in the Front-end phase. The standard underpins all investment decisions in geothermal and CCUS with
EBN share in the order of €100’s millions.



DAREL supported the development of the EPOP methodology for both geothermal and CCUS. This methodology has become EBN’s inhouse standard and included the terms-of-references for value assurance reviews (VARs) at the decision gates.


The project contributes to the maturation of geothermal and CCUS projects in the Netherlands and hence contributes indirectly to substantial annual CO2 emissions reductions.


  • Infrastructure

  • Heat

  • CO2

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