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Zaanstad Energy Transition

The project

The challenge is to de-carbonize the industrial companies of Zaanstad Maakstad, a business association in the Zaanstad region. The industrial energy consumption consists of 80% natural gas that is mainly used for production of heat of around 200°C.

Research programme energy transition Zaanstad Maakstad.png

Scope and Dimensions

Decarbonizing 12+ industrial companies whose energy consumption is expected to increase from 1,3 GWh in 2020 to 1,7 GWh in 2050. The current CO2-emissions amount approximately 560 Kton per year.


DAREL investigated the energy needs and how this will develop towards 2025, 2030 and 2050 per energy carrier (electricity, gas, heat, hydrogen, and CO2) to get an idea of the required infrastructure per energy carrier. DAREL aligned the companies and created a roadmap to a sustainable and integrated energy system/infrastructure including the extension of the intended NZKG regional integrated hydrogen backbone to Zaanstad.


The envisaged annual CO2 emissions avoidance amount ca 560 Kton by 2050.


  • Infrastructure

  • Industry

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