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Funnel management process and standard

The project

The introduction of an opportunity maturation and portfolio/funnel management methodology for the PoR (Port of Rotterdam) that can deal with the complexities of the Energy Transition. The energy transition projects comprise various sectors (e.g., industry, infrastructure, offshore/maritime) and energy modalities (electricity, natural gas, hydrogen, heat and CO2).

Scope and Dimensions

An organisational change program based on a stage gate process/methodology with a strong focus on the project development phases, value, risk mitigation and key decision quality.



DAREL introduced and supported the implementation of the PoR funnel management standard. This included masterclasses with mandatory attendance for all key staff and the coaching of senior managers and the various funnel boards.


The implementation of the standard impacts the entire capital programme of Port of Rotterdam, specifically the more complex energy transition projects, and improves the portfolio decision-making and capital stewardship. The indirect impact of the standard is some €100 million capital spend per year.


  • Infrastructure

  • Industry

  • Maritime

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