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Hystock and H2 backbone

The project

Gasunie is building a national hydrogen backbone/network, which will connect industries, hydrogen storage facilities and production sites, as well as the surrounding countries. This is done primarily by converting the existing natural gas grid and by establishing new facilities including compression stations. 

The Hystock project is developing hydrogen seasonal storage in the salt caverns of Zuidwending. These storage facilities are essential for the security of supply in the hydrogen grid.

Scope and Dimensions

The envisaged national hydrogen backbone is hundreds of kilometers in length and the estimated costs are in the order of €2 billion. The cost of the Hystock project is largely driven by the cost of the first fill.


The role of DAREL was to support the Gasunie Hystock team by kick-starting the project through executing opportunity framing, coaching the project director and setting up the team with a clear decision-based roadmap.


The annual direct CO2 emissions avoided depends on the actual utilisation of the H2 backbone grid, but has the potential to add up to well over 10 Mton per year.


  • Infrastructure

  • Hydrogen

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