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National Growth Fund proposal: Waste-to-chemicals

The project

The Green Chemistry New Economy (GCNE) consists of a coalition of national and regional parties. The ambition of GCNE is to replace substantial quantities of crude oil by 2025 with recycled and bio-based raw materials, in addition to applying green electricity-based processes.

By scaling up innovations, the large chemical companies and the supplying SME’s (small and medium enterprises) contribute to the climate goals and new jobs. More than 80 upscaling initiatives have now been identified within the scope of GCNE.

Scope and Dimensions

project proposal for two pilots to scale up a pyrolysis-installation to a capacity of 6,000 kg/h and 1,000 kg/h.



DAREL supported the submission of the €140 million project proposal for the National Growth Fund.


Recycling of plastic waste to chemical feedstock


  • Industry

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