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North Sea Wind Power Hub (NSWPH)

The project

The NSWPH consortium sees an opportunity for internationally coordinated large scale far offshore wind energy from the North Sea. 

The consortium is committed to explore and develop a regional offshore infrastructure, including possible conversion into Power-to-Gas, that supports wind farm operations and interconnections between markets in NW-Europe.

Scope and Dimensions

Link together the energy systems of NW-Europe in one well-planned and coordinated network while connecting Giga Watt scale amounts of offshore wind through a hub-and-spoke concept.



DAREL kick-started this flagship project, instigated a project organisational change and aligned the consortium partners behind a shared vision, strategy, and roadmap to success. DAREL furthermore helped defining the NSWPH development concepts (hub-and spoke configurations) and the (external world) scenarios. 


The annual direct CO2 emissions avoided if offshore wind replaces natural gas or unabated coal amounts ca 1.6 Mt or 3.5 Mt of CO2 per GW 1) respectively. The NSWPH is about installing tens of Giga Watts of offshore wind capacity by 2050.


  • Infrastructure

  • Offshore

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