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Port of Rotterdam as Energy Plant

The project

The ‘Energy Plant’ concept refers to integrated industrial clusters located in coastal regions that act as large and flexible prosumers. The Energy Plant should provide flexibility to the energy system by switching between electricity consumption (for electrification, P2X) and electricity production (with gas/steam turbines), depending on the supply and demand of electricity in the system.

Port of Rotterdam.png

Scope and Dimensions

Strategy development for integrating 12-24 GW offshore wind into a flexible energy system.


DAREL supported TNO with a guiding study that was aimed at providing a high-level insight into the most effective Energy Plant strategies to integrate GW-scale offshore wind into the harbour industrial complex in Rotterdam. DAREL helped kick-start the study through opportunity framing and various other workshops and helped to consolidate the insights into a strategic narrative for executive management of the North-Sea-Wind Power-Hub (NSWPH) consortium, the Port of Rotterdam and other relevant stakeholders from government and industry.


The guiding study contributes to the integration of GW-scale offshore wind in the Netherlands and hence contributes indirectly to substantial annual CO2 emissions reductions.


  • Industry

  • Electricity

  • Hydrogen

  • Gas

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