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Zero emission inland shipping is being accelerated

Zero Emission Services (ZES), provider of a full range of products and services for zero-emission inland shipping, announces today that it will receive an investment through the Nationaal Groeifonds for the accelerated implementation of their innovative system solution for inland shipping. This is an investment in the entire value chain in which ZES operates. The investment will be used for the development of 75 battery containers for maritime application (ZESpacks), 14 docking stations where the ZESpacks are charged and 45 electrified inland vessels.

Nationaal Groeifonds

The NGF is an initiative of the Ministries of Economic Affairs & Climate Change and Finance. With the NGF, the government is setting aside €20 billion for projects between 2021 and 2025. It concerns targeted investments for structural and sustainable economic growth.

Darel support

Apart from taking the lead in applying for NGF, Darel supports ZES from its conception with stakeholder management, business modelling and strategic advise on behalf of her shareholder, Port of Rotterdam.


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