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Ultra-Deep Geothermal (UDG) Maasvlakte

The project

The Green Deal consortium 'UDG Maasvlakte’ sees an opportunity to test the technical, commercial, and social feasibility of Ultra Deep Geothermal energy with the aim of providing a reliable steam supply to industrial users in Rotterdam and a sustainable heat supply to the built environment. 

Scope and Dimensions

Planning a 30MW pilot geothermal system at the Maasvlakte in the deep Dinantien Kolenkalk and/or the shallower Trias sands. The estimated project Capex is in the order of € 55-70 million

Ultra-Deep Geothermal (UDG) Maasvlakte.png


DAREL, as project advisor, kick-started this project and facilitated a structured dialogue to align the consortium partners behind a shared vision, strategy and (decision based) roadmap with clear milestones and deliverables.DAREL helped broadening and deepening the knowledge of the project and the concept and clarifying the position of the parties, their intended role in the value chain and the project governance. DAREL made an inventory of the preconditions, bottlenecks, risks and the key stakeholders and their motivations. 


The proposed 30 MW geothermal pilot and the intended upscaling to 100’s MWs must result in substantial avoidance of annual CO2 emissions 


  • Industry

  • Built environment

  • Heat

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