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Rotterdam Waste-2-Jet

The project

The Rotterdam Waste-2-chemicals (W2C) is an innovation project in the Netherlands focussed on high-grading waste into both recycled carbon feedstock for chemical industry and advanced biofuel for transportation. 

The W2C technique complements, rather than competes with other recycling techniques by focusing on ‘hard-to-recycle’ mixed waste streams. 

Scope and Dimensions

Building a W2C plant with a Capex in the order of € 0.5 billion. The development team consisted of ca. 45 specialist.

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The project was beyond concept select when it was temporarily halted due to substantial recycle, cost increases and a non-aligned product focus. DAREL, as interim project director, re-started the project and re-aligned the Joint Venture, which led to a product refocus, a JV adjustment and a project re-brand: the JV decided to repurpose the project to Waste-to-Jet to cater for the anticipated demand for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The stakeholder management for the required government funding successfully regained momentum and support; the development budget to a full Final Investment Decision was secured and leadership was handed over to the new JV operator.


The project has a substantial first mover advantage, the waste-to-jet plant will be an important step towards securing the Port of Rotterdam industrial complex as the first global sustainable production and green energy hub. Increasing the SAF production is seen as fundamental to reducing the aviation industry’s lifecycle carbon emissions. 


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