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Professionals working in the energy transition encounter similar challenges. Darel Masterclasses for professionals share the latest insights about context, trends, and urgency of the energy transition, creating momentum and support within the internal organization. Spending time with many different participants creates a perfect stage to actively share knowledge and discuss best practices.

Masterclasses for professionals

Looking for inspiration and experiences from other professionals in the energy transition? Darel's masterclass offers the opportunity to share knowledge and best practices with each other and to build a valuable network. Experience shows that the interaction during these masterclasses is very motivating.


• 1-day Masterclass energy transition, including lunch, coffee/tea and networking drinks
 Costs € 500 for companies, € 250 for governments (excl. VAT) per participant, max 20 participants
 This contribution will go entirely to Darel's Education Initiative for Secondary Education

Next open masterclass

Location: The Hague

Friday 14 June 2024

Participating companies & organisations

a.o. Heineken, Port of Rotterdam,  EZK, Invest-NL, Talent voor Transitie, Quintel, Gasunie, Copernicus Instituut – Universiteit Utrecht, Provincie Zuid Holland, WTS Energy, EBN, Improvium, Shell, Stedin, Eneco, TechnipFMC, Actiam, Green Village, TNO, JKB, Publieke zaken, Teachers-for-Climate, Protix, Engie, Tennet, Lyondell-Bassell, PoA, Synkero, One-Dyas, Becht and several municipalities, like Rotterdam, Nijmegen, The Hague en Amsterdam

Tailor-made masterclass 

For more information about a masterclass for your organisation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will schedule a meeting to share our experiences and discuss the opportunities..

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