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Darel's 5

We strive every day to achieve your project goals and maximize results. But are you sure you get the most out of us? What makes a Dareler run faster and aim higher? We drafted our five most favorite principles for working with

you - please read our ‘manual’ and feel free to let us know what you think."

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We feel comfortable leaving the comfort zone of making plans and drafting road maps. We need to make important decisions to reach our goals. Since we work in a complex world, DAREL has developed smart decision focused work plans to ensure results.


Let's learn and 

share knowledge

We believe that building a broad coalition for positive change is paramount to the success of the energy transition. This is why we invest in DAREL Education: learning about energy transition and sharing knowledge grows the common basis for positive change.



In emission reduction projects, the process can easily be sidetracked by numerous factors. We keep our eye on the ball. Whatever happens, we will always make sure we all keep the end result in mind. 



Be honest with us, even if it hurts a little. Because frankly, we will be honest with you. Share your concerns as well as your wildest ideas. We will too. This way we will get the most out of each other. 



There may be many exciting opportunities just around the corner. There is a high chance that we will propose new partnerships to accelerate your energy transition. New creative collaborations accelerate the process and provide opportunities to grow your business. 

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