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District heating Lingewaard

The project

The Dutch municipality Lingewaard has the ambition to meet the heat demand in a residential area and a nearby horticultural area fully sustainably based on solar thermal in combination with aquathermal energy, heat pumps, expansion of the existing heat network and potentially a high temperature heat storage.

District heating Lingewaard.png

Scope and Dimensions

Planning and delivery of sustainable heat to 1950-4000 dwellings and horticultural area.


DAREL aligned the key stakeholders behind the principles and assumptions of the project. DAREL conducted a feasibility study that included an integrated business case and demonstrated that the project is technically and economically feasible. Based on this and other things, the municipal council approved the principles for the establishment of a dedicated heat infrastructure company and the construction of a heat backbone/network.


The envisaged annual CO2 emissions avoidance depends on the selected heat concept and the external scenarios and amounts 10-22 Kton by 2025.


  • Infrastructure

  • Built environment

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