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H-vision Rotterdam

The project

H-vision is about blue hydrogen that replaces fossil fuels in the Rotterdam harbour industrial complex. The project is seen as an accelerator of the Hydrogen economy that will ultimately be based on green H2. The H-vision consortium consists of ten parties that cover the entire hydrogen value chain, from production to end-use. 

Scope and Dimensions

The planning and realisation of an envisaged Giga Watt-scale central H2 production plant and a dedicated hydrogen distribution network that connects with the national hydrogen infrastructure.​The primary end-users are the power plants and the refineries in Rotterdam. 

H-vision Rotterdam.png


DAREL acted as the Port of Rotterdam representative and kick-started this project through aligning the consortium behind a shared vision, strategy, and roadmap. DAREL also acted as business adviser for the consortium, represented by Deltalinqs, and played a key role in the delivery of the feasibility study that demonstrated that H-vision is technically feasible. 


The envisaged annual CO2 emissions avoidance amounts 2.7 Mt CO2 and is based on the installation of a central hydrogen production capacity of 1500 MW by 2030.


  • Infrastructure

  • Industry

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