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Carbon reduction in breweries

The project

The development of a strategy for the transition to a sustainable heat supply for the Heineken Brewery in Den Bosch. Heineken Den Bosch Brewery has the objective to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2030 as part of the company’s renewable energy vision 'Drop the C’, the Dutch climate agreement and local air pollution regulation. The starting point is a reliable heat supply at all times and optimal use of locally available biogas.


Scope and Dimensions

The Den Bosch brewery plays a pivotal role in Heineken’s world-wide supply chain as the “Innovation” brewery.  The brewery lacked an integrated strategy for its long-term heat transition. Furthermore, the opportunity management system needs to balance the required operational agility & low unit cost with the long-term investments for the energy transition on a continuous basis.


DAREL facilitated, co-created a strategy for the transition to a sustainable heat supply, integrating the existing portfolio of improvement projects and the long-term investments. DAREL furthermore advised on process-improvements on implementation, internal project justification, organisational implications and continued managerial support for this complex transition.


The annual direct CO2 emissions avoided in 2030 will amount to ca 50 kt of CO2.


  • Industry

  • Heat

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