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Shorepower development

The project

Seagoing vessels docked in the harbour usually cause significant emissions because they generate their own electricity with onboard diesel- or gas-powered generators. Shore power is seen as an attractive solution to replace the fossil-powered generators and thus cut emissions in the Rotterdam harbour.

Scope and Dimensions

The development of 200 MW shore power facilities in the Port of Rotterdam at a cost in the order of € 300 million.

Shorepower development.png


DAREL organised a companywide shore power strategy session and lobbied for the establishment of the Rotterdam Shore Power BV (RSP BV) in partnership with Eneco.  With the RSP BV several projects were executed, the first one being the Heerema project (20MW).  DAREL acted as the co-developer and business adviser. DAREL also executed a few quick scan shore power analyses for other ports like Ijmuiden and Moerdijk. DAREL furthermore created exclusive tools with the ports under the WPCAP initiative (World Port Climate Action Plan)


The project is about installing hundreds of Mega Watts of shore power capacity by 2030.

The annual direct CO2 emissions avoided amounts ca 600 metric tons of CO2 per MWh and as such shorepower has the potential to avoid in the order of 600 ktpa of CO2 in the Port of Rotterdam alone. 


  • Infrastructure

  • Maritime

  • Electricity

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