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energy transition

The clock is ticking. We are running out of our carbon budget. The time to accelerate our transition to a sustainable world is now. Darel supports clients in their journey towards carbon neutrality. We are energy experts carefully managing uncertainty by bringing structure and alignment in a complex setting. We help to create strong alliances, collaborations, and integrated teams.



We support organizations in delivering their energy transition. We strive to be a partner who is in the same arena as the client. Together we fight to realize this change. Mostly, this change will have an enormous impact. It is a worthy cause, yet ‘winning’ will not be easy. It is risky, dusty, unpredictable and requires hard work. We are convinced that a good start is crucial. Hence our work focuses on the front-end of large industrial projects. We help defining boundary conditions and making high-quality decisions. Because high-quality decisions are key drivers for prospering energy transitions

What projects are we working on?


Professionals working in the energy transition encounter similar challenges. Darel Masterclasses for professionals share the latest insights about context, trends, and urgency of the energy transition, creating momentum and support within the internal organization. Spending time with many different participants creates a perfect stage to actively share knowledge and discuss best practices.


Change is the end result of all true learning. We invest in building understanding, awareness and support for the energy transition amongst relevant audiences in our society. Darel Education (nonprofit) develops educational modules and organizes masterclasses for high schools, universities, companies and (non) governmental organizations.


Our team

Darel was founded in 2017 to accelerate the energy transition by using our expertise and drive to help build a more sustainable world. Our team brings decades of energy industry experience to the table. Expert knowledge that we use to navigate our clients towards carbon neutrality. We believe in sharing knowledge. Through Darel Education we provide energy transition masterclasses for both students and professionals and we are committed to share our views through blogs, white papers and other platforms. Since Darel was founded in 2017 the estimated sum of our clients projected CO₂ emission reduction ads back to our remaining carbon budget. 


Want to join us? Let’s work together. Let’s stop the clock.




For schools

For professionals

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