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Delivery of Decarbonisation in Netherlands

Excellent news from #Porthos ; the final investment decision (FID) has been taken! Porthos’ FID is of great significance for The Netherlands’ ability to achieve the 2030 climate targets, and for the development of CCS hubs & clusters in Europe. Darel is very proud and grateful for having had the opportunity to lay the foundations of this unique project. Early in 2017 we initiated the first conversations on behalf of the leading organisations #PortofRotterdam Authorities, #EBN, and #Gasunie with future Porthos’ customers, #Shell, #ExxonMobil, #AirLiquide, #AirProducts and advised the Dutch #MinistryofEZK on supporting policies. After the framing over the summer, and finding the acronym for PORTHOS,Darel continued to lead and support the project team to progress the project to FEED as the first Project directorship. In later years Darel staff returned many times to the Project team, e.g. to help out with the first Storage License application and various value assurance reviews (VARs).

When we started the project team directorship we emphasized that these projects are more like marathons than sprints. All in all these past 6 years have proven how difficult transition projects can be, what kind of issues and legal hurdles will have to be faced and how teams from different companies can work together to something unique. Tackling all this requires collaboration, endurance and leadership, and this is what we value most within #Darel.

Image airshot of the Maasvlakte

Unfortunately we are in a world that will need lots of #CCS and #CDR to phase out the unabated production & consumption of fossil fuels and achieve “net zero”. We need to see the first CO2 injection at Porthos’ storage site soonest, and many CCS hubs & clusters in Europe and elsewhere in the world achieve similar success!

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